Gathering the Herd pt. 1

At last! The first of the new crop is finally here- the glorious boys and girls who will one day make every sandcastle throughout the known realms tremble in fear…yeah….

I really considered leaving the Cygor headless, it looks so creepy! Maybe for the Ghorgon…

Let’s get to it. The first models I assembled were the Ungors and Bray Shaman, followed shortly after by the Bestigors and Cygor; all of them pretty much out of the box, because I’d already decided I am getting creative with my herdstone (more on that in a moment). All except for the Shaman- comment below if you spot the wee extra I’ve added.

Assembling this lot was a mixed bag. I had a blast putting together the Cygor, as you might’ve guessed; it’s 100% my fav and I had no trouble creating the look I wanted. Same with the Ungors- they are more subtle than the Bestigors and- unlike the Bestigors -posing them individually was easy. I went with spears over axes/maces because it added more character to the spiteful little grunts, rules be damned.

I did indeed carry it around for a good hour after assembling it. I was that bloody proud.

As for the Bestigors, they suffer from carrying large, two-handed weapons, whilst also having large, clunky-ass heads. When assembling infantry I pretty much always add the head last, both because it usually has the easiest fit and does the most work in terms of telling a story through how the model’s pose. Bestigors’ heads ignore the first rule because of their horns, and their expression varies between grumpy and shouty.

Everyone, give a big welcome to Nigel and Hermione

Additionally, with two-handed weapons you have to pre-empt how both arms will sit, which isn’t always clear initially, and I almost always end up adjusting the arms as they’re drying to get a better fit. Bestigors carry axes as tall as they are and have shoulder-plates clearly designed by the NFL. Once assembled they look impressive, but I can’t say I planned it so much as simply made sure it all fit.

My first Beasts- I will for sure be getting some more, maybe with bows next time…

As for the paint…well, as you can see, I’m far from gifted as a painter. I have very shaky hands and the attention span of a Nurgling, so I often ad-lib on the go. I stuck with grey skin for example because it worked out well, and I’m sure I’ll review these models later if I discover another trick to add. My rough scheme for this lot ended up as:

  • Black undercoat. I got some spray paint from a high-street shop; it’s called Matt Super and is by a company called PlastiKote, and it works just fine.
  • A thin layer of Celestra Grey for the skin; I pretty much did everything as a dry brush to leave shadows, with a more even coverage on places without details like the lower legs.
  • Rhinox Hide on the fur, straps and shields, followed by a thin layer of Baneblade Brown on the fur and some of the straps
  • Leadbelcher on the metal areas, followed by a very light drybrush of Mephiston Red on some of the weapon edges (’cause beastmen don’t clean their stuff!)
Any thoughts what I should do with their banner?

For the Bestigor I more or less kept the same scheme, save for some Zandri Dust and Ushbati bone on the horns with a wash of Reikland Flesh in-between. I considered washing the Leadbelcher too, to better stand out from the skin, but with a black undercoat it’s dark enough- I might add some blue ink into the recesses later, but right now I like the more rustic vibes.

My shaman’s red skin was achieved with Mephiston Red as a base, with a layer of Evil Sunz Scarlett and a very light drybrush of Trollslayer Orange. I added Runelord Brass with a Reikland wash and a layer of Vallejo gold to the skulls, his cowel is Demonette Hide, and his skin cape was several coats of Reikland wash over Corax White.

It took me forever to decide how to make the cowl stand out- I got the inspiration from painting the Cygor’s tongue!

I added the gold after working out the scheme I wanted for my Cygor, which I spent a lot longer on as (for now) it will be my faction centre-piece; the golden boulder came about because I needed it to stand out from the rest of the model, and a fellow Sluggaz had generously given me some brass to use as an undercoat. It made me use washes to an extent I hadn’t had the patience to explore properly before, and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. Guess my beasts are from the realm of metal!

What you can’t see from this angle is the extra trophy I added to his loincloth, which is a very big hint as to what I plan for his base…

For the rest of it, I used Baneblade Brown, Zandri Dust and either a Reikland wash or Ushbati Bone on the horns/skulls, and for the eye Vallejo gold over a light Guilliman blue glaze. I used the smallest bit of plastic I could find to pick out the iris/reflection with Abaddon Black and Corax White, as if you’ve seen any of my artwork you’ll realise I’m a big fan of creepy gothic eyes, and I don’t have the hands to pick them out on smaller models.

Something recent- if you likey, comment below and I might upload more

All that’s left right now is to base the lot and finalise a design for the banners, as I’m torn between going rustic and going with something more fancy. I also have something special in mind for the Cygor’s base, which will take some time to work out as I don’t want it to distract too much from the Cygor itself, and a DIY herdstone in the works.

That is indeed a coffee cup with seeds glued to it. I had to lower your expectations somehow 😉

I’ve not assembled it fully yet as there’s lots of small details with black undercoats to paint up, but on paper at least I’m excited to show it off.

Finally, I’m hoping to start playing my first games of Age of Sigmar soon, now that I have enough for an introductory sesh- next week’s plans hit a snag as my doggo has fallen unwell, but I should be back in a couple more weeks to hit the ground running. If you want to show my goats the ropes, by all means give me a shout 🙂

My favourite beast of chaos

Until then, keeeeeeep dan- wait, wrong channel….

Ggs and have fun!

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